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Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Vacuum Cleaner


No matter whether you use the best rated vacuum or a simple machine, avoid doing the following wrong things to it. The overall performance can get affected and your vacuum cleaner can even get ruined.

  • Pick up hard things

What will you do when seeing coins or small rocks on the ground?

If you keep vacuuming instead of stopping over to pick them up, you are making a big mistake.

These objects are so hard that they can cause some severe damage to your vacuum’s interior. Moreover, once they are lodged inside, it’s very hard for you to remove them.

Some of you may say that you have experienced this case before, and nothing happens. Although this can’t ruin your machine every time, you should manually pick all hard objects before vacuuming to avoid the risk.

Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Vacuum Cleaner

  • Pick up water

The majority of vacuum cleaners available on the market aren’t designed for vacuuming water. You cannot let this electric device run over water unless you want to place yourself in danger of electrocution and ruin your machine.

If you really need to vacuum water and liquid, you can invest in an inexpensive wet/dry vacuum. NEVER VACUUM WATER BY USING A REGULAR VACUUM CLEANER.

  • Let your machine run overfilled

Whether you use a bagged vacuum or a machine with a dustbin, you have to empty when it is filled with dirt and dust. If not, the performance will be worse, and the model will overheat.

In case your vacuum provides less power, you should check the bag or bin immediately. Perhaps it’s time to empty your machine.

  • Vacuum over the cord

The cord of a good vacuum cleaner is tough enough to overcome some trauma. But, I don’t recommend you run your machine with its spinning brush over the electrical cord. This action can fray even damage the cord exterior. Even the best cords can be damaged, if you subject them to abuse.

  • Throw away your vacuum due to loss of suction

Think about this case:

One fine day, your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up dirt and dust as well as it used to.

What will you do?

Find a replacement immediately, right?

No. You may be wrong.

Please check the bag or the dirt bin because sometimes a full or nearly full vacuum affects the performance.

If your machine hasn’t normally operated after emptying, you can unplug the vacuum to check it inside.

Is the vacuum hose blocked?

Does the brush roll have a build-up of string, pet hair, and human hair?

After dealing with all these issues, your machine will work normally.

  • Think the vacuum motor has burnt out

Remember that suddenly overheating of the vacuum cleaner is not the end of your machine. There are some reason s:

- A full bag or bin can cause overheating.

- A brush roll full of hair and string can cause a similar problem.

To break down the matter, you only need to fix these issues.


According to the best vacuum reviews, to keep your vacuum cleaner for a long time and maximize its performance, you have to pay attention to avoid doing the things above. If not, it can decrease the overall performance as well as ruin your machine.

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